Staff Accountant

Engage & Anticipate  

Achieve a mentality of staying aware, acting with purpose while thinking two steps ahead 

Intellectual Curiosity: Identify operational issues, priorities, and work thru possible solutions 

Comfortable multitasking and balancing priorities 

Make it Happen

Don’t limit yourself to the options in front of you. Be resourceful, reaching above & beyond to fulfill commitments to others and yourself 

Team player with a willingness to help wherever needed: Help keep the operations of the company running smoothly and efficiently 

Able to work independently as self-starter 

Do it Right the First Time  

Earn a reputation for trustworthy work, solid effort, and quality character 

Attention to detail: Details matter. Take pride in completing precise work, by having a strong attention to detail and accuracy. If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have the time to do it over? 

Remain Relevant  

We have a duty to serve future generations. Seek growth & embrace change. Remember where we’ve been but focus on where we’re going. 

Strong, adaptive technology abilities: Extensive QuickBooks knowledge 

Work Hard/Live Right

Strive for maximum effort and tend to matters important to you. 

Passion for our business: Not only within the wealth management and financial planning industry, but in providing service to everybody we come in contact with. Our hope is to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Learn terms and situations relevant to our industry. Be available to work overtime, as needed, but also take time out of the office to focus on what’s important to you personally. There is more to life than work. 

Staff Accountant Responsibilities

Accurate and timely data entry and reconciliation of client bank accounts in QuickBooks o Need to be comfortable working on a variety of clients, across different industries 

• Accurate and timely payroll processing for multiple clients in QuickBooks, including payroll tax deposits and any applicable retirement plan contributions 

• Accurate and timely preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns in QuickBooks 

• Assist with agreed-upon procedures of exams when needed 

• Preparation of individual tax returns would be preferred 

• Available for other duties, as required 

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