Michael Stanton

Michael Stanton is the Director of Development for Allen Capital Group. Michael joined the firm in 2014 and is currently responsible for creating mutual relationships that will help strengthen the brand of Allen Capital Group. Michael also plays a large role in the operations and management of Allen Capital Group. He also holds advisor responsibilities with select clients.

Prior to joining Allen Capital Group, Michael worked as an Executive Recruiter specializing in the Financial Services Industry and as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. Having started his career in the brokerage environment, Michael puts a strong value on independence. Michael’s passion for the RIA world stems from doing what is right for the client. He takes great pride in being conflict free from advice offerings and proprietary products, being able to hold his fiduciary duty high above the call.

Outside of work Michael likes spending time with his wife, Jessica and son, Silas. Michael is also an active member of Third City Christian Church. If he is not at work or at home there is a good chance you will find him volunteering with the high school youth group, Element.

I believe that as our industry continues to evolve it is going to become more and more important to work with an independent fiduciary. Having started my career in a brokerage firm I have come to understand that all “Financial Advisors” are certainly not created equally. The reason I work for Allen Capital Group is because they believe that if we take care of our clients first and our employees second, then profits will follow.

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